Masary Studios


About us

Masary Studios is a team of artists awakening built environments through live music performance and video projection mapping. By unlocking the hidden possibilities of an urban landscape, Masary’s works are at once a performance, a dissection of architecture, and an immersive visual spectacle. The three principal members of Masary have backgrounds that include degrees in fine art, classical and world percussion, as well as years of experience in West African music studies, painting, new music curation and direction, teaching at the university and conservatory levels and more. When approaching a new project, their inspiration comes from the structure, the environment, the history and local culture embedded in the place. The animation and musical works are developed in collaboration - one informing the other - allowing many turns of reflection and refraction.


Our practice

A multi-disciplinary collective, we specialize in reconsidering environments by creating site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance.

When exploring iconic architecture, we investigate both the structural and cultural history of a place. What defines the community? What is superficial? What traditions exist? What is hidden within, behind, and around the site? We take these questions, answers, and discovered themes to create sonic and visual motifs, weaving together a larger story.

As well, our practice extends to traditional performance spaces such as theaters, galleries and the like, with decidedly untraditional results. Whether it be 70 drummers storming the Boston Opera House, dance troupes with purple umbrellas floating through a park, or 30 trombonists surrounding an audience, our performative designs are curious, fresh, and often surprising.

Integrating projected animation, bespoke lighting design, and commissioned musical works, our projects synergize the senses. To facilitate a deeper connection and providing additional layers of spectacle and cohesion to our work, we’ve established a signature trigger system allowing musicians, and at times the public, to interact in real time with animation and lighting.

who we are

Our 3 principal members have backgrounds that include degrees in fine art, classical and world percussion, as well as years of experience in West African music studies, painting, new music curation and direction, teaching at the university and conservatory levels and more. We have been working together since 2014 when we received our first commission in Boston, MA, USA - where we all reside. Since then Masary has continued to design and implement large-scale installations and interventions in city centers and at major nighttime festivals. 


Masary Studios Ryan Edwards.jpg

Ryan Edwards is a career musician for dancers. From a beginning in big band jazz, to an extensive study in West African music and dance, he has been on the path to make people dance since he began in music.  For 10 years he led annual adventure-travel missions to Guinea, West Africa (when he had hair). Currently producing interdisciplinary art and performance work, he continues to explore music, installations and design for dance as well as various site-specific works. He is the co-founder and drummer for Boston-based afrobeat band Federator N°1. Ryan is a New Music America Grant Recipient and travels extensively to perform and compose music for dance. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in performance from Berklee College of Music and a minor in Africana Studies. Ryan is most proud to be a father of two beautiful children, Jafiah and Maya.


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Named a  “one-woman dynamo” by The Boston Globe, Maria Finkelmeier is a percussion performer, educator, and active arts entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to rooting in New England, she spent three years in Northern Sweden at the Piteå Institution for Music and Media as an artist in residence. She is co-founder of the international percussion group, Ensemble Evolution, and Swedish-American band, Quartet Kalos (clarinet, cello, voice, percussion), with whom she has given performances and masterclasses throughout Europe, Australia, and the US. A sought after multidisciplinary collaborator, Maria has been commissioned to create works for Aaron Staebell's soloDRUMsolo project, Illuminus, ArtWeek Boston, and the Outside the Box Festival. Maria recently founded the non-profit, Kadence Arts, devoted to incubating artistic projects, curating performances, and engaging local communities through music making.

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Sam Okerstrom-Lang or “Samo" is a Boston based new-media interdisciplinary digital artist and designer. Technology serves as a vehicle and tool in Samo’s practice in order to question the boundaries of digital communication, while in turn questions the boundary and function of the pixel. His work engages associations between technology, body, and perception by immersing the human sensory system with experiences that obscure the line between nirvana and dystopia.