Photo by Aram Boghosian

Photo by Aram Boghosian

HD·BPM is an interactive, creative-engagement public artwork. In an accessible manner, participants walk up and play drum pads, playing along to original, danceable beats. The project strives to remove the common barriers of music-making and put musical creativity in the hands of everyone. As participants play the 3 sets of 3 electronic drum pads, the pads illuminate. Each stroke of the drum and coordinated colored light corresponds to a projected image, which is displayed adjacent to the music-making area. As the music continues, each drum stroke exposes a tile in the projected artwork, revealing - tile by tile - artworks by local visual artists. 2018 debut featured artists include Cedric Douglas, Ekua Holmes, Jordan Piantedosi, Cyrille Conan, The Safarani Sisters, Silvia Lopez Chavez, and Aram Boghosian.

Project technical Director: Jeremy “Dr. J” Stewart

Created as a Now+There Artist Accelerator Project

with thanks to Redgate Properties • Mattapan Boys and Girls Club • Yamaha Drums • Rob Petit • Ableton Live • Boston Harbor Now • Boston Harbor Shipyard • Downeast Cider • The Institute of Contemporary Art • ZUMIX • East Boston Main Streets • State Rep. Adrian Madaro • KO Pies