In With OUt


From the scale of the pedestrian to the view from hundreds of feet above the Commons, to the looming Main Stage, to the intimacy of the FOH stage, this program engaged human connections and explored what it means to be "outside"  and how we see our city.

Orchestral music, dance, colors, DJs, drummers and more all meet on the Boston Commons for “In With Out” - a Masary Studios production. Kicking off the Outside the Box Festival, “In With Out” brought dozens of dancers to the commons, and twisted our perspectives on the city with live feed video from multiple angles while a kind of inverted Maypole dance took place on the lawn. The party ramped up as experimental DJ/percussion duo [BABA] took the platform stage for a raucous journey through sample sounds, featuring many special guests - including dancers, musicians & poets.

In With Out

Boston Commons Boston, MA

July 13th, 2016

Outside the Box Festival

Photo Credit: Aram Boghosian