Sound Sculpture

photo by Peter Speyer

photo by Peter Speyer

SOUND SCULPTURE is an interactive sound and light instrument. 25 location-aware blocks comprise a massive, wireless midi controller. Various sound and lights scores are prepared by project director Ryan Edwards, and realized in cooperation with the public through creative play.

It is like walking onto the staff paper, picking up the notes and moving them around, thereby changing pitch, rhythm, melody and harmony. 

In this way participants are creating physical and sonic structures collectively and simultaneously. 

“Sound Sculpture by Masary Studios was one of the most engaging and well-received art installations of Canal Convergence 2018. The alluring lighting sequences and audio compositions created by Sound Sculpture provided a fun and entertaining experience for all types of people, from those who used the location-aware technology to create their own musical score, to those who simply wanted to stack the blocks and enjoy the lights and sounds.” - Jennifer Gill, Public Art Manager, Scottsdale Public Art


Photos by Aram Boghosian, Caitlin Cunningham, Betty Hum, Reg Madison, and Scottsdale Arts, Videos by Ernesto Galan & Daniel Garcia

Project partner POZYX has worked with Sound Sculpture since the first prototype. POZYX is the leader in accurate positioning systems and they have been with this project all along. Check out their website and other applications of their technology at their website.

Select Sound sculpture presenters

MUTEK.SF, San Fransisco, CA 2019

Canal Convergence, Scottsdale, AZ, 2018

Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA, 2018 

Great Lakes Center for the Arts, Petoskey, MI, 2018

International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT, 2018

Detroit Symphony Orchestra / The Cube, Detroit, MI, 2018

World’s Fair Nano, Brooklyn, NY, 2017 

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, 2017 

Illuminus Festival, Boston, MA, 2017

Innovation and Design Center, project debut, Boston, MA, 2017

 Thanks to NEFA, The Boston Foundation and our generous donors for the support, funding and encouragement to create this work.

 Conceived and directed by Ryan Edwards Percussionist & Composer

Technical Director Jeremy Stewart Creative Technologist

Founding Technical Director Andrew Hlynsky Musical Mad Scientist

Lead Technology Partner - POZYX