TEDx cambridge

Masary Studios was invited to perform for the second time with TEDxCambridge at their Fall 2016 show. The piece was a 3 layer ramp, approached to break the audience's expectation and close out the night with a fun surprise. 

It began with the singular performer creating an elegant sound landscape with the marimba and seducing a dynamic trance for the audience to soak into. Working up to a loop the back scenics were flown to reveal four percussionist arriving in rhythm with the marimba. While making a groove each percussionist was midi triggering projection mapped visuals and simple lighting to create large strikes that interacted in the stage design visuals.

As the sounds united, the audience was surprised with a larger boom when a call and response was played by 60 percussionists that merged into the Boston Opera House aisles. Closing it out with a bang, the groove was then picked up and the percussionists lead the guests out to close the night

TEDx Cambridge

Boston Opera House, Boston MA

September 29, 2016

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