The Hatch


Thrilled to work with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra  to support their season finale "Dance Night" with original projections on Boston's iconic Hatch Memorial Shell. The work featured projection mapped video and animation. MASARY members Sam Okerstrom-Lang and Ryan Edwards, along with Jeremy Stewart, traveled to Camp Harbor View to capture video content of the campers dancing, bringing the vibrancy of the camp's setting into into the projected animation.  

Led by our mapper, Samo, the Hatch reverberated along with the orchestra's beautiful sounds, dancing to a world premiere by Jake Gunnar Walsh & Devin Ferreira with the Camp Harbor View campers both on stage and integrated into the projections. Additional 3D animations were created by Samo and Philip Gedarovich to specifically work with the Hatch Shell’s architecture, adding a magical sense to the music and dance. The last piece of the night was a performance of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in which MASARY member Maria Finkelmeier acted as creative director, assisting Samo to conduct the evening’s crescendo.

The Hatch

Commissioned by Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Memorial Hatch Shell, Boston, MA

August 22, 2019

Creative Directors: Sam Okerstrom-Lang & Maria Finkelmeier

Animation: Sam Okerstrom-Lang & Philip Gedarovich

Project Manager: Ryan Edwards

Technical Direction: Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Electrics & Grips: Geoffrey Nielson & Robert Farrell

Photos by Aram Boghosian

Special thanks to DCR and Camp Harbor View